Always making things.

portrait by  Lucas Burzon

portrait by Lucas Burzon

Kaitlyn Burzon

 My architectural career thus far has allowed me to develop a specific fascination with materiality and fabrication. Not only does the reinterpretation of materials interest me, but exploration through program and structure allows for the material to be taken to a new level. I am interested in warping the familiar and giving experience through spatial and material cues.

I have been able to express myself not only through the architectural to methods of fabrication such as 3D printing, CNC milling, vacuum and thermaforming, but also through more art based mediums. I have experience through cold and hot glass working, welding and metal shaping, casting and mold making and much more. I am constantly driven to bridge the gap between the conceptualized material world and a realized and built material practice.   

I have built interest and dexterity in the exploration of materials, architectural theory and methods of fabrication which include skills developed in 3D modeling, digital and analog fabrication and graphic design.